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Starting from humble beginnings, The Source Bulk Foods was born in Australia in 2012 from our belief that unpackaged food should be easier to access and a smaller carbon footprint could be achieved every time you shop. Our customers agreed!!!


The Source Bulk Foods finally arrived to the UK in 2018 when, after having come across a Source store while visiting Australia, Patrick & Makayla opened the first two stores in London (Chiswick and Battersea). As expected, the UK community has embraced The Source Bulk Foods with enthusiasm and undoubtedly many more stores will open in the years to follow.

Pat & Mak
Good old-fashioned service


When you step through the doors of your local store, you’ll soon discover that our name transcends the physical space. Each one of our The Source Bulk Food stores is owned and run by a local family who are genuinely passionate about quality food, healthy options and reducing food waste.

You’ll meet a friendly team of qualified naturopaths, nutritionists, dieticians and passionate cooks, excited to share their knowledge and wisdom on leading a more nourished life. From strategies in creating a healthier pantry, to assisting with meal planning that will deliver nutritional balance for the whole family, The Source Bulk Foods believe in fostering positive connections with our customers and the surrounding community.

We’re for you!



The finest quality produce and fewer food miles: No premium pricing, just good food, sourced locally at the best price.



Unparalleled range: Continuing to grow our bulk food range in line with our customer’s needs.


Promoting the zero-waste movement: Continued reduction of packaging and waste from field to plate.


Personalised service: Creating a welcoming and genuine customer service experience.


Catering for every taste and need: Extending our range to accommodate wheat and grain free, paleo, vegan and organic devotees. Providing product alternatives and support for those with intolerances and allergies. 


Community minded: The local community is at the heart of everything we do, so giving back goes without saying.



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